Leadership & Congregational Training


Biblical Basis for Church Security

Child Protection Policies

Concealed Weapons Permits

Emergency and Disaster Drills

Emergency Preparedness

I LIVED- Violent Intruder Response Training for Churches and Schools

Refuse to Be a Victim

Situational Awareness


Verbal De-Escalation


Safety & Security Team Training


Advanced Tactical Pistol

Arizona Unarmed Security Guard Training

Arizona Armed Security Guard Training

Concealed Weapons Permits

Defensive Tactics

Force-on-Force Scenario Based Training

Introduction to Defensive Pistol

Introduction to Defensive Shotgun

Security and Medical Team Integration

Situational Awareness

Survival Stress- Physical and Psychological Preparedness

Tactical Pistol

Tactical Shotgun

Team Tactics

Use-of-Force Training

Verbal De-Escalation