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Child Protection

Mandatory Reporting

Church staff and volunteers must understand the Arizona Mandatory Reporting laws. Although clergy and teachers often recognize they are mandatory reporters under the law, 13-3620 section A 5 states "Any other person who has responsibility for the care or treatment of the minor." is also a mandatory reporter. This means children's ministry volunteers and a broad array of people working with children are also mandatory reporters under the law. You can read ARS 13-3620 by click the following link https://www.azleg.gov/ars/13/03620.htm.

Background Checks

Child Protection Policies must be comprehensive and contain several layers of protection for the children and volunteers who serve them. Background checks, though essential as one element of a plan, should never be the extent of your plan. There are several background check providers available for businesses and ministries. It is important to understand that even criminal background screenings are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

AZCSN recommends Ministry Safe's Complete Child Safety System which includes a 5-Part Safety System, including Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, the Skillful Screening Process, Policies and Procedures, Background Checks and Monitoring and Oversight

Child Protection Policy Information

Most church insurers have guidance on child protection recommendations, policies, and procedures. Click on the images below to learn more.


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