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Church Safety Operations Certificate Programs

AZCSN offers a variety of certificate programs designed to equip ministry leaders, staff, and volunteers for their unique roles in ministry safety and security teams. Programs include armed and unarmed options, different levels of training and a program designed for those serving in church leadership. Choose the certificate that best meets your needs with classes designed specifically for team members of all experience levels. Complete the required courses at your own pace. Members have up to eighteen months from their application date to complete the required courses for each certificate program. 

Programs are available to AZCSN Gatekeeper, Shepherd, and organizational members, currently serving in the safety/security ministry at their house of worship or faith-based organization. 

Essentials of Church Safety Operations Unarmed

Essentials of Church Safety Operations Armed

Peacemaker Intermediate Certificate in Church Safety Operations Unarmed 

Peacemaker Intermediate Certificate in Church Safety Operations Armed

Gatekeeper Advanced Certificate in Church Safety Operations

Shepherd Leadership Certificate in Church Safety Operations

Program Application

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