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Peacemaker Intermediate Church Safety Operations Armed

This intermediate level program is designed to provide the continuing skills necessary for safety and security ministry team members to grow in their skills and abilities.  Complete the courses at your own pace. Members have up to eighteen months from the date of their application to complete the required courses for the program. Applicants must be current members in good standing of AZCSN. 

Prerequisites: Essentials of CSO Armed Certificate

Total Hours 61-70

Required Courses:

AZ Armed Security Guard Renewal (8 hours)

Crime Prevention Fundamentals (2-3 hours)

Child Protection Policies & Grooming (4 hours)

Domestic Violence in the Church (2 hours)

Force-on-Target Scenarios (8-16 hours)

Hazardous Materials Familiarization (2 hours)

Intermediate Handgun (7 hours)

Introduction to Defensive Tactics (12 hours)

Introduction to Explosive Devices & Suspicious Packages (2 hours)

Investigations & Interviewing (3 hours)

Survival Mindset (2 hours)

Survival Stress (2 hours)

Verbal De-escalation (6 hours)


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