Low-Light Handgun

Take your tactical self-defense training to the next level and learn to protect yourself in low-light situations.

Most handgun training occurs during daylight, however, it is well documented that many shootings occur under low-light conditions. So why not train for the most probable and realistic real-world scenario? Want to see what it looks like?

  • Rods and cones – the human eye and how it works in low light
  • Night vision
  • Back-lighting and front-lighting
  • Handheld flashlight shooting techniques
  • Shooting from concealed carry positions
  • Point Shooting
  • Target Identification
  • Weapon manipulation skills (reloading, malfunctions clearance under low light conditions)

Prerequisite: AZCSN Basic, Intermediate, or Armed Security Course and Instructor Approval.

Required Equipment:

Semi-automatic pistol in .38 special, 9mm, 357 Sig, .40 S&W, .45 ACP or .45 GAP
Weapon mounted lights are permissible, but not required
Handheld flashlight minimum 300 lumen
Minimum trigger pull to be no less than four pounds (more is acceptable, less is not)
Sturdy strong side holster
Sturdy belt (double thick 1.75” is recommended)
Three magazines minimum (more are better)
Magazine pouch with a minimum capacity to hold two or more magazines securely
Minimum of 200-rounds of practice ammunition that match your pistols caliber
Eye protection (safety rated sunglasses if it is sunny and clear safety rated glasses if it is not sunny)
Hearing protection (plugs and electronic muffs combined is recommended)
Brimmed hat
Long sleeve shirt that closes at the top to keep hot ejected shell casings out
Long pants (cargo style is best to keep loose ammunition in to top off magazines between stages)
Closed toe shoes
Lots of water

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