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Naloxone (Narcan) Training

Increasing naloxone access has been identified as a primary strategy to reduce opioid overdose deaths. EMS systems have instituted public safety-based community naloxone training, distribution access points, and naloxone leave behind (NLB) programs, the latter of which allow emergency medical responders the ability to distribute "leave behind" naloxone kits on the scene of an overdose. These models present opportunities to expand naloxone access for individuals at high risk for future overdoses.  NLB initiatives can potentially augment existing community-based naloxone training structures, thus widening the scope of the life-saving drug and reaching those most at risk of dying from an opioid overdose.  Coupled with the importance of engaging an individual's family and social network when offering connections to treatment and recovery resources, NLB initiatives can significantly and positively impact our communities.

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