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Manage Your X: Movement in Response to Ambush

West Freeway Church of Christ Deacon Tony Wallace may have had a chance if he'd lunged for the killer's shotgun. Richard White of the WFCC Security Ministry may have been better served, initially, by moving, rather than attempting to draw. Everyone says to "Get off the X," but what that means varies with circumstances. Your movement options will likely be limited by the microterrain inside your church. Our response to the knife differs entirely from our response to the gun. You may even need to move ONTO the X, to protect your flock--but there are ways to get there that may at least keep you off the Railroad Tracks of the assault. In this workshop, you'll be exposed to different scenarios and practice means to survive an initial onslaught long enough to take the fight back to the assailant(s).

George is a retired criminal investigator. He's been teaching survival skills to military, law enforcement, security, and civilians since the 1980s. George was a senior Firearms instructor, as well as a certified Use of Force and Defensive Tactics (empty hands / less lethal) instructor, for his agency. George has over 3 decades of military experience (including 13 years on active duty). In his full-time career, he was a city cop, a state park ranger, a federal special agent--and a security guard, watching the silent version of "Footloose" at the Grant 5 Drive-in theater. George is grateful to God for the blessed life he has led, and for the opportunity to share the lessons he learned along the way with you.

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