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Situational Awareness  

Situational Awareness (SA) in its simplest form is knowing what is going on around us.  This course focuses on building situational awareness in everyday settings. Learn to develop a healthy awareness of what is taking place around you. This course will focus on teaching you ways you can increase your attention to people, location features, and problems you may need to address.  You will be given opportunities to practice awareness skills, allowing you to identify threats earlier and select from your predetermined plan, how you will respond in a specific situation. 

Brian served 15 years as an officer in the US Army, training both US and foreign nationals. Following victory in the Cold War and his release from active duty, he became a Police Officer in the State of Arizona. There, he has spent 21 of his 26+ years of service in a patrol capacity, with a 5-year tour in investigations. He is an NRA and Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZPOST) certified instructor and firearms instructor. He has trained Civilians, Law Enforcement and US Military in various aspects of the force application. His other training includes certification as a OC (pepper spray) instructor and as a Use of Force Analyst. He has been recognized as an expert witness in the Arizona court system. 

    Presented by Brian Kowalski

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