AZCSN offers three membership options.

Pastor / Security Director- Pastors and faith based organization (FBO) safety/security director's may apply for the Shepherd level of membership. This membership allows Shepherds to receive all the benefits of the other levels of membership plus email notifications of Persons-of-Interest and other threat information to share only within their safety/security teams.

Active Safety/Security Members- Individuals actively serving on a faith based organizations safety and security team may apply for the Gatekeeper level of membership. Gatekeeper level members receive access to the AZCSN membership forums, security team level training courses, and all the benefits of the Flock level of membership.

Congregation or FBO Staff- Individuals from the faith based community may join AZCSN as Flock members. This level of membership is available to those interested in church safety/security and personal protection. Flock members may participate in all congregational level training classes and basic firearm safety and concealed weapon permit classes.