Evil Invades Sanctuary by Carl Chinn

July 14, 2020 9:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Carl Chinn makes the case for security in Faith Based Organizations in his book Evil Invades Sanctuary. The book begins making the case for security extensively in the first two chapters. Mr. Chinn provides a first-hand account of why churches should have a safety/security team in place regardless of the size of the ministry. He provides a detailed account of the Focus on the Family hostage situation where he was present throughout the incident.  In addition, he shares statistics on Deadly Force Incidents at Faith Based Organizations and describes the care he takes in collecting and sharing the data on these incidents. He then concludes the book with his first-person account of the active killer at New Life Church.

The book can serve as an excellent primer on church security. Topics addressed range from forming an initial safety and security team, to policies and procedure formation, and the balance of safety and security in a ministry context.

One of the strengths of Evil Invades Sanctuary is the practical experience that Mr. Chinn brings to his writing, based on his experiences. He not only shares his actions in these instances but, provides insights to what he did well and what he learned to do differently after the incidents. His experience leading and training church staff and volunteers provides powerful insights into how to form and operate a successful team.

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