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Church Security

How is a church to prevent and respond to the various safety and security concerns of this age? The Arizona Church Security Network follows a two-pronged approach found within the Scriptures. Nehemiah 4:9 states And we prayed to our God and set a guard as a protection against them day and night.

Our first prong recognizes the sovereignty of God over His creation, His people, and His church. Followers of Jesus Christ are called to grow in their relationship with Him. One way this is done is through prayer. Just as Nehemiah and God's people prayed as they were rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem we must pray for safety and security today.

The second prong recognizes that we must be aware of the world around us and seek out those God has called to protect us. God can certainly answer our prayers and provide Divine protection to His people. He may also choose to work through those He has called to protect His people.

The AZCSN exists to equip, train, and support those who God has called to provide for the physical safety and security of His flock.